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Gimli Chamber of Commerce Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The mission of the Gimli Chamber of Commerce is to foster sustainable economic growth leading to greater prosperity for business and the community.

Our Vision
The vision of the Gimli Chamber of Commerce is to make Gimli a very desirable place in which to work, live and visit.


Executive Committee Primary Objectives & Strategies

Objective #1
Enhance communication and synergies between businesses

Top 3 Strategies:
1. Hold a general meeting quarterly to help create synergy between members and allow them to share concerns, ideas and recommendations.
2. Maintain a Gimli Chamber website that can act as the business information and communication portal for the chamber.
3. Establish a Business Support & Welcome Committee.

Objective #2
Act as the advocate team that represents the common interests of businesses

Top 3 Strategies:
1. Encourage constructive feedback from members at every opportunity.
2. Survey members, when necessary, to establish member consensus on important issues facing the business community.
3. Have chamber executive committee representation on Gimli’s Community Development Corporation Board.

Objective #3
Implement strategies that will foster a more sustainable business community

Top 3 Strategies:
1. Collaborate with the RM of Gimli and CDC to develop achievable strategies to sustain and grow our economy and tourism industry.
2. Assess the current state of housing in Gimli, its impact on businesses, develop strategies for improvement.
3. Assess Gimli’s current demographics, what challenges and opportunities they present to businesses, create potential strategies.


Gimli Chamber of Commerce (GCC) Committees

The formation and ongoing work of committees play an important role in helping the chamber achieve its overall objectives in supporting its members and business community at large. Individuals who are ready and willing to contribute their expertise (Executive members and Regular members) are encouraged to join a chamber committee.

Membership Committee
Message from Chair, John Bucklaschuk:
The objective of this committee is to grow new members and provide relevant support to the chambers overall established membership.

Finance Committee
Message from the Chair, Ron Moore:
The objective of this committee is to assist the Treasurer as required and develop ways and means to meet the financial needs of the GCC.

Tourism Committee
Message from Chair, Cheryl Buhler:
The objective of this committee is to grow Gimli’s reputation as a premier tourist, business, industrial and place to live destination in Manitoba through the development and implementation of a long-term strategic marketing plan.

Communications Committee
Message from Chair, Scott Carman:
The objective of this committee is to ensure effective communications between the GCC Executive and the GCC Membership, Gimli Businesses and the public.

Events Committee
Message from the Chair:
The objective of this committee is to successfully, plan, organize and carry out GCC events and activities.

Training Committee
Message from the Chair:
The objective of this committee is to seek out and implement relevant training opportunities for the GCC Membership.


Gimli Chamber of Commerce By-LawsPDF here